Thursday, September 6, 2012

knot it

I LOVE FALL!  And it's coming.  For some of you it's already here.  But for those of us in sunny Northern California, it is still 95 degrees.  But I can feel it coming on.  It's finally cooling off enough to open the windows at night, and wake up to a brisk morning.  Ahhhh.....

I must say one of my favorite things about the cooling temperatures is that I get to wear scarves.  I love scarves.

While poking around on Pinterest I found with tutorials of how to tie scarves in 50, yes FIFTY different ways.  

Here's a few I want to try:


This one looks so fun!


Whoa!  Two scarves?!  I have to try this one!!

Yep.  I'll be trying this one too.

Do you have a favorite Fall accessory?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

little black sheath

I hardly ever go shopping.  And when I do I feel like whatever I buy has to be very versatile and a great price.  

A couple weeks ago I went shopping with a couple friends.  Being that we live in a small city, we drove an hour and a half to another city to shop for the evening.  We spent a significant amount of time in Forever 21. I came in thinking I was not going to buy anything.  I told myself that I was there to help my friend shop.  That was until I saw this little black sheath dress. 

Forever 21  -  $24.70 
(belt not included)

This model must be tall, because on my 5'3" frame, it hits me at the knee.  And because Forever 21 caters to the 21 and younger crowd, and not 30-something mother who has carried and birthed three children, I had to go up 2 full sizes to get it to zip up.

This is what I call versatile!  I wore a zebra striped skinny belt and red patent leather heels and I can't wait to try more things with it.  And it's great just the way it is too!  Perfect for church, parties, whatever.  

And what a great price!  $24.70!  I found a similar dress at Shabby Apple for $98.  Now, I am not trying to compare quality, but for someone who is very budget conscience, this will do very nicely!

Shabby Apple  -  $98

Friday, February 18, 2011

2011 Grammys...left me...umm...speachless

The Grammys bring in an interesting crowd.  Those musicians are all so "interesting" and "unique" because they are "artists".  Anyway, I couldn't find a single modest dress that was worth posting, so I decided to pick what I like to call: "Ummm....excuse me, but did you forget to look in the mirror before your left." 

(All these photos come from INSTYLE magazine, which has quite useful fashion info.)

Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine

 Nicki Minaj


Seriously actually wore these in public??  Sadly this was not all of them.  I could do a dozen posts on the crazies in Hollywood.