Style In Modest Fashion

What is modesty?

I believe that modesty is not just a form of dress but a way of life.  It's a way of presenting ourselves to the world.  Our appearance as well as our actions express to others, who we are and what we stand for.  We were given bodies to house our spirits.  A temple, or sanctuary for our spirits. 

Why is it important?

When we take care of our bodies through healthy living our bodies and minds are healthy. We can also take care of our spirits by modest living and dressing. We we dress in a way that helps people take notice of our spirits, not just our bodies, we can be noticed by who we truly are, not how much skin we show.
Click HERE for a great article on how modest living can help us in our lives. 

Can I still be stylish and modest?

ABSOLUTELY!  Here are some great sites to help you!  I don't get paid to put these sites on my blog, they are just some that I like and think you might like too.

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