Wednesday, August 19, 2009

To Skinny Jean or Not To Skinny Jean

Over the last few years the "skinny jean" has re-emerged in the fashion world. Hollywood and their hip-less size 2 models look fabulous in the skinny jean. But is it something that you and I can pull off? Fashion magazines everywhere will give you a resounding "yes". However, we in the real world, who wear size 8, 16 or 22 know that what looks good on a stick-figure runway model, usually does not have the same affect on hips that have birthed 3 children. What are we to do? Do we pear shaped women of the world have to pass up all the fun trends that seemingly look great on everyone else? Perhaps we should think about this question: Would I rather take part in a trend that accentuates my flaws, or stand proudly in a article of clothing that helps me look long and lean and makes me feel confident?

If my childbearing hips can't handle a pair of skinny jeans, then what? Well lets look at the basic logic of geometry. If you are shaped like a diamond (everyone picture it...small shoulders, slightly wider waist, larger yet butt and hips, and then taper down again to the knees), then it is to be assumed that your least favorite body part would be the widest part of the diamond (ie. hips & butt). Skinny jeans, follow that same shape, tapering at the leg, therefore accentuating the very part of your body that you hate most of all. Other classic shapes (triangle, heart, square...well you get the idea) have the same challenge. But let's take that same shape (diamonds are a girls best friend!) but apply a wide leg denim trouser to the mix. The wide leg of the trouser instantly visually minimizes the hip and buttocks skimming the widest part instead of hugging it. Throw on a great wedge or heel and suddenly you look long and lean. Who doesn't want that?!

Unlike the skinny jean, the great thing about a wide leg trouser, is that it looks great on most body types.

With a multitude of different cuts and styles, jean shopping can be confusing and frustrating.
For more help picking the best pant style for your body type, check out this article from GLAMOUR and MSN Lifestyle.

The Perfect Jeans for Your Body


The Fowers' Family said...

I now want a new pair of wide leg denim trousers! That will be what I buy as soon as I'm done with these maternity clothes :)

becca said...

Hey! Those look like the pants I just bought from you! I am happy to now refer to myself as a "diamond" shape instead of a pear. :)