Monday, October 19, 2009

Sensory Overload

My dear friend and I headed to L.A.'s Fashion District in search of new items for Tailored Lilly. And of course in search of things for ourselves. I think that "sensory overload" is an adequate description of our first impression. How is one to take it all in? Store after store, filled with purses, shoes, clothing, luggage, accessories, and jewelery. Each store crammed full of merchandise from floor to ceiling. Not only is it visually stimulating but I felt an overwhelming urge to touch each article of clothing. Instantly I either love a garment more, or brush it aside, all based on the feel. Our sense of smell was being challenged as well with ethnic foods being cooked up in the oddest places. Certainly our ears were not without want as well. The sounds of cultures colliding with languages from around the world was a welcome change from our normal suburban environment.

We picked up some new great items for the store. We just got it all photographed and it should be up this coming week! I very excited to show them to you soon. I know I'll be wearing them!

Here's a great Blog post from about LA's Fashion District. These pics are from this post.

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