Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i'm looking a little gray...

I went shopping. And bought things only for myself. No kid stuff, no husband stuff, no groceries, nothing for my house. Which right now is a very rare occurance. My pocketbook hasn't allowed me this opportunity in quite sometime. But, as it's near my birthday, I recieved some monetary gifts that I could use for this very purpose.

I was on limited funds, so I went to Ross, the only place I could think of (in my small town) where I could find several items within my budget.

So here's what I got. But when I got home, I noticed something....

(Agenda - striped short sleeve cardigan $9.99, Italca - striped scarf $6.99, Anne Klein - textured black tights {2 pair} $5.99, Ralph Lauren - brown textured tights $7.99, Jac & Annie purse, $14.99)

Yep, everything is gray. I guess it's gonna be a gray autumn.

When I don't have a lot of cash to spend, I tend to buy things that are basics, or neutrals. I want them to be able to go with a lot of items already in my wardrobe. An these things happen to be all accessories. The idea being that with a few items I can update the clothes I already have. This is likely the only purse I will purchase this season, so it has to go with everything.

Don't worry, I won't be completely gray. I'm sure I can find a few things in my closet to brighten up my Fall.


Fashion Belle said...

Hi Whitney,

The photo of the cardigan looks like it has some pink, and the purse is really cute. Black and gray are chic. You did well. I like Ross, too.

I'm writing mainly to let you know that your blog has been featured on our new modest clothing resource website, Fashion Belle, along with about 500 other reviews of modest clothing and educational resources. Please continue your excellent work to promote modesty.

Your site featured here:

whit said...

Thanks Fashion Belle! I have been absent from blogging in quite a while but look forward to doing more soon. Thanks for the feature on your site. Thanks very kind of you.