Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shop New Tailored Lilly Items - 9/16/09

The desire for new clothes is like the need to sneeze: It can be stifled, but it can’t be ignored. And at about this time every year the brain’s fashion neurons are firing like crazy, signaling that it’s time for new stuff. Stores are filling up with goodies and, even though your rational mind knows it’s not true, your style demons are nagging that you have nothing to wear. - Paula Reed.

So in response to those "fashion neurons" I've added a few new items to Tailored Lilly. Who says you can't look fabulous at any size, for a great price!

Black Pencil Skirt
Sizes 1X - 3X


A pencil skirt is a must have in every wardrobe. Even full figured women can wear a pencil skirt! This skirt has enough stretch to make it comfortable, while still having structure to keep it's great shape. With this great fabric blend, there's no color fading.

(Make an outfit by pairing it with our Tropical Wear Collared Blouse in Jade, v.r.k.'s Damask Blouse, Lane Bryant's Beaded Kimono)

COZY Hoodie
Sizes: XS - 3X

Who doesn't love a great hoodie? The embroidery and small amount of sparkle in the modern screen print adds just a bit of subtle dimension.

Pink COZY Tee
Sizes: XL-3X

Comfortable tee with modern gray print. With this fabric there should be no fading.

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Elaine said...

Great picks! And yes you're right....every woman needs a black pencil skirt!