Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Challenge Report 1: Walmart

The find fashionable, modest, affordable outfits at small town stores. This week's mission: Walmart.

To be honest, I didn't think this week was going to
be very hard. I was being VERY optimistic. But as soon as I got there, a good dose of reality hit me square in the face....This was, after all, WALMART.

My good friend Jeanne, came with me to help wit
h the search plus, I needed a photographer. After walking through the workout clothes, the bathing suits and then the shapeless matron section, all the hope started to drain out of me. As we diligently searched we started to find a few items that might work and a few things that we actually LIKED. Keep in mind, the merchandise in the Walmart in my town may differ from that in yours.

Outfit #1: Dressier - This was difficult. Really difficult. And I almost gave up when I got to the shoe department.

(Miley Max grey denim shirt $7, Miley Max black cami $6, George London Fit black trouser $16, Necklace $7, Clear Bracelet $3, George black pump $12 -- TOTAL Cost: $51)

Outfit #2: Casual - This was the easier of the two. Walmart is definitely on the "casual" side of the shopping spectrum.

(Miley Max grey jacket $5, L.e.i. multi color cami $5, L.e.i. skinny jean $18, No Boundaries faux snake ballet flat $7, necklace $6 -- TOTAL Cost $41)


beckymca77 said...

AMAZING!! I am VERY impressed~ Way to go Whit! ♥

Bren said...

Great job, Whitney! And you look so cute, too!

kristie smith said...

I really liked both outfits! I have looked at Milly stuff and thought I am too old for her stuff. But now I am not as sure. As you paired them with other things I am thinking I could pull that off!! I am very intrigued by this whole project.

whit said...

Thanks ladies.

Kristie, just be aware that the Miley Max clothes run small. They are sized for Juniors and not for women.