Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Challenge Report 2: Sears

The second report of "The Challenge" of finding fashionable, affordable, modest clothing at small town stores. This week's mission: Sears

Yes, I do realize I am behind on my previously set schedule. I have been enjoying having my children home and out of school for the summer. Houseboats, camping, bike rides, play dates, swimming and all the must dos of summer are filling up my calendar. And thus far making it one of my favorite June's ever. Please be patient with me.

So Sears....Piece of Cake. Right? I suppose it all depends on your personal style. Certainly my style will differ from yours, or maybe it won't. I find it interesting as I am doing these challenges that I notice how my choices of clothing selections vary slightly depending on which friend has kindly agreed to come with me. As they should, each of my dear friends have their own sense of personal style. I always say that my friends are much more fashionable than me, I am just the one loud enough, or perhaps more accurately, obnoxious enough, to post on the Internet for all the world to critique. Of course each store has a huge part to play. Every store has it's own "personal style". Sears has a style, perhaps "everyday comfort" would be somewhat accurate.

Kelly and I arrived at Sears at 7:45pm and we were done when they closed at 9pm. So not too bad. I do have a couple regrets. Due to time, I didn't delve into the accessory department as well as I would have liked. And it completely escaped my mind to scour the hand bag section. And no outfit is complete without one. My apologies.

So let's just get to it. Here are the outfits we found. Dressing room lighting is horrid, so the photos leave a lot to be desired. Use your imagination is telling me I am 5'8", my gorgeous, thick, straight hair (just like a certain sister-in-law of mine) is blowing in the wind while I frolic through fields of yellow wheat grass under the canopy of hundred year old oak trees...snap...perfect photos, every time.

Casual Outfit #1: I absolutely love these long walking-ish / burmuda-ish shorts. They were very comfortable and what you can't see in the picture is the subtle, neutral plaid that makes these great for dressing up or down.

(Apostrophe "April Mom's Day" Cardigan $14.99, Apostrophe "Naomi" shorts $14.98, Apostrophe "pink petal" cami $9.98, Multiples necklace $8.98, Jelly Pop "topper" sandals 19.99 TOTAL: $68.92)

Dressier Outfit: Ok, so this isn't dressy in the sense that you would wear it out on the town, more like to the office or church. Very conservative. The photo makes it appear to be made of twede but it is actually more of a heather grey print, and made of a lighter cotton blend fabric. Once again, the shoe selection was very limited. Not quite as scarce as Walmart, but these wide strap pumps were the best of the choices. The whole thing is kinda school-marmish but in a cute kind of way.

Byer California "Byline" Jacket with belt $29.99, Byer California "Byline" skirt $21.99, Apostrophe "electric prune" cami $9.98, New York SM "Betsey" shoes $19.99 TOTAL: $81.95)

Casual Outfit #2: Yes a second one. I really liked this military jacket and felt that paired with jeans it was a different kind of casual from the first set. The tank under the jacket has metalic embelishments that don't show up well on the picture. Next time I will try and take some close-ups as well so you can see the fabrics better.

(Levi's 524 Bootcut jeans $29.99, Energy Tank $9.99, Lipstick Military Jacket $18, Trend Report "Kristy" wedges, $14.99 TOTAL: $72.97)

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kristie Smith said...

really liked the shoes in casual outfit #2. I love pink so they are right up my alley. I am not a Sears shopper so I really enjoyed seeing what they have to offer.